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Earn Your Construction Management Bachelor's Degree!

Now Offered at Rowan University

The United Association is rightfully proud of its commitment to providing a path for members who want to earn degrees from higher education institutions.  For many years, members could earn degrees from the National Labor College, but since 2014, with the closing of the college, that path has been more difficult for many members.

Now, a new program is available for members seeking to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management (CM).  Rowan University’s CM program has been endorsed by North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU, formerly the BCTD), and UA members seeking this degree should consider enrolling now in this program.  Rowan University is accepting students for fall 2016.  The deadline to apply for the fall semester is July 1, 2016.

The B.A. in Construction Management is a partnership between Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, a nationally ranked college of engineering education that prepares students for local, regional, and global industries through innovative technologies and engineering practices and the Division of Global Learning and Partnerships.

Rowan University’s vehicle is to serve the needs of working adults and lifelong learners through innovative academic programs and industry partnerships. This online program is ideal for journeypersons and seasoned construction professionals, as well as apprentices interested in combining building and construction trade experience with knowledge and requisite skills necessary for career advancement as a professional tradesperson.  With an emphasis on honoring students lifelong learning experiences and prior college credits’, the B.A. in Construction Management Online program offers students the opportunity to apply specialized union training, apprenticeship program knowledge and prior college course work to complete their degree within as little as two years.  All courses are delivered through Rowan Online, a nationally ranked provider of online education to ensure a top quality online learning experience for students.

The program is structured as follows:
  •   General Education Requirements: 46 Semester Hours
  •   Electives: 38 Semester Hours
  •   Core (Major) Courses: 36 Semester Hours

Rowan University is a highly ranked public university, part of the New Jersey State University system.  The B.A. in Construction Management will consist of 120 credits.  Students accepted into the program will need either an Associate’s Degree or other college credits with at leave 5 years of relevant work experience in the building construction industry, including the completion of a skilled-craft-registered apprenticeship program.  The CM program is designed specifically for Building Trades members. Students who are members of NABTU unions will have the opportunity to convert part of their work experience, military service, and prior learning into credits.  This program is clearly degree-completion oriented, which works to the benefit of UA members.  The program is offered online, making it accessible anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.  It is also affordable at $400 per credit hour for Building Trades member.

You can find out more information at, or email at, or via phone at 856-256-4747.  To apply, you can reach Admissions at 877-787-6926.