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How to join UA Local 322

If you are currently working in the trade for a non-union contractor in the southern New Jersey area,

Contact Local 322 and ask to speak to an Organizer at 609-567-3322

You can call on any time day or night and leave a message, and it will be forwarded to our organizers.

If you meet the requirements enter into a UA Apprenticeship
If you served in the US Military, you may be able to get credit for some of your military training.

Or send an email  to our organizers who will be glad to answer your questions.

Why Should I Join the UA?
  • Get Paid What You're Worth!
  • Receive Better Benefits
  • Excellent Pension Plan
  • Training and Certification Opportunities
  • View UA Training Videos (QuickTime format)
  • Work Safer

Read about the UA and becoming a UA Member and what we do.

Does your present employer give you the opportunity to work in all these areas of the trade?
United Association members are employed by plumbing and mechanical contractors, fire sprinkler contractors, plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning service companies, utility contractors, shipbuilders (private and federal sector) building and plant owners, utility companies, quality control contractors, control companies, instrumentation companies, air and water balance companies, chain stores, food processing companies, paper mills, power plants, hospitals, school systems, universities and colleges, federal, state and local governments, manufacturing companies, recreational centers (such as Disney World), fabricating shops, refineries, casinos, electric power companies, the list goes on. In short, workers represented by the United Association are a vital part of virtually every industry in the United States of America and Canada.

Who is fighting for your rights and will you be protected from proposed changes to the overtime rules currently being considered? Will you be fighting with your employer all alone for overtime pay after 40 hours or will you have the backing of over 300,000 UA members at your side? "You can't fight City Hall" so the saying goes, maybe not by yourself but from numbers comes the strength to have your voice heard (and felt) in Washington DC, your State, and in your community.

Read about the movement to get the Employee Free Choice Act passed in Congress. Follow this link to write your representatives and let them know your opinion on this issue.