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COVID-19 UPDATE!! - (3/16/2020)

Brothers & Sisters:


         I hope that everyone is staying healthy & safe, while also practicing social distancing! In the State of NJ, most construction jobs are still ongoing, which is a good thing for those members who want to continue working. For those members who don’t feel comfortable working, we have asked all of our contractors to please be understanding in these times and grant lay-off’s to whomever wants one.

          That being said, I have some new information that I would like to share with you. I am emailing this to every member who has an email on file with the Hall, as well as posting it on our website. Please read the following, and check our website ( daily for new information!



  • After having a conference call with our UA General President Mark McManus, we are adhering to the following, as per requested by the UA
  • We are still working from the Hall with a small staff daily. We are practicing social distancing while rotating in and out so that there are always a few people here, as well as working remotely. We will continue this procedure for the month of April.
  • We are asking that no one come to the Hall unless it is an emergency. You can call the Hall or one of the Agents if you need something or have a question.
  • Please try to pay your dues online. If you are having trouble, call and one of the girls will walk you through it. If you don’t have a computer, you can stop by and drop them in the mailbox next to the front door of the Hall.
  • We were granted extensions from the UA for anyone who can’t pay their dues. ONLY for 3 months in arrears…NOT for 6 months! But if you can’t pay, please call and let the girls know so they can inform the UA.
  • The Apprentice school will continue to be closed, now for the month of April as well. The Instructors are making lesson plans daily and having the students do the work from home, via the Blackboard App.
  • ALL nighttime courses have been canceled for the month of April.
  • All Union meetings/ Executive Board/ Finance Committee/ Etc. have been canceled for the month of April.
  • Last but not least, again, please everyone stay safe, wash your hands, stay home if sick, and please be patient as we continue to make changes for the safety of all of our members. God Bless.



Thank you,

Business Manager Kurt Krueger Jr.


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