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Important Info on Membership Cards!
Monday, December 12, 2016

You will be receiving your new membership card in the mail.  The UA General Office has made some changes to the membership card, effective January 1, 2017.

The new membership card will be replaced in a three year cycle rather than a two year cycle.  The front of the new membership card will show a date range on 2017- 2019.  The transition to a three year replacement cycle will yield significant cost savings.  The back side of the new membership card will no longer include a place for stamps.  You will be able to contact the Business Office at any time to get an update on your membership dues or visit our website,

Coming in Mid-2017, a QR code on the membership card will be activated.  By scanning the QR code, Locals will also be able to access the UA E-Travel system, which together with the membership card itself, will replace the physical Travel Card allowing Locals to access and print member’s card information, including the member’s current address and UA certifications.  I will keep the membership notified as updates develop.


Fraternally yours,

Kurt Krueger, Jr.

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